Committees Alpha Testing

This article is intended for MC Trade customers who are part of the Committees Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 20.16 software update, you will be able to access the following new sections in the browser version of MC Trade:

Committee Search

To find and work with a committee, go to Profiles > Committees in the browser. A list of all active committees is displayed, and you can click on one to open it for editing.


Add/Edit a Committee

The Committee screen has three sections, accessed through the three menu items on the left side of the screen. On the first section, Committee Details, you'll find all of your basic Committee fields (affiliation code, type, active checkbox, etc), as well as two new fields, used for default term expiration settings in the browser:


You can choose a default term that will be applied to any new committee members you add to this committee. You can always override this default when adding/editing any committee member.

Add/Edit Committee Members

On the Committee Members tab, you'll see a list of all active members of the committee. You can click the profile name to navigate to that profile, or click the Actions dropdown to edit the member's record on that committee, including adding notes or changing the expiration date of the member. You can also Inactivate the committee member from the Actions dropdown. 


To add one or more committee members by searching for their profile, click Add a Member. A window will open with a quick search, and you can look up the profile by name and select them for the new committee member record. Enter any additional fields for the member and update the Term Expires date if other than the committee default, then you have the option to either save that one committee member or save and add another, which will take you back to the quick search.

To add a group of profiles to a committee all at once, click Add a Group of Members. Search in the Profile Selector for all profiles you want to add using any of the search options available, and then either use the Select All checkbox or select the specific profiles you want to add. If you need to choose a new Member Since date for the committee members you can update that prior to adding the profiles, then click Add These Profiles to the Committee. Each selected profile will be added, with the Term Expires date autopopulated from the committee default term.

Add/Edit Committee Meetings

In the third tab, you can view, add and edit any upcoming committee meetings. You can also search for past meetings. In the meeting itself, we've added the ability to upload a document as the agenda or minutes instead of copy-pasting in text. On the attendance tab, you'll see a list of all members, but we have not yet completed the functionality to mark attendance and/or add a guest to the meeting, which is coming soon. 

View/Add a Committee on a Profile

On the Profile view page of any profile, you can now see the committees, past and present, that the profile has served on. If you're viewing an organization's profile, you'll see a list of the related profiles that have served on committees. This includes a link to the individual's profile, as well as a link to view the Committee itself. You can also click Add to Committee to add the profile to the committee from this screen.


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