New Member Portal: Approve Profile Change Requests

In the Members Only section of your website, your members have the ability to log in and submit changes to the profile information you keep for them in your database, such as general contact info, social media links, category listings and preferences, and more. 

When a change is submitted through the Members Only portal, an email notification is sent to the address indicated in your settings "Admin Email" (Admin > Global Settings > Email Notifications).

To view and approve or reject changes, go to Profiles > Profile Change Requests. In the grid, you'll see all change requests that have not yet been processed. If you'd like to filter further by date, or search for processed requests, you can use the search features above the grid.


In the grid, you'll see some details regarding which profile was change, which profile/person was actually logged in to make the change and their contact info, and a few other details:

  • Changed Profile: the name and profile ID of the profile to which changes were made online. An icon indicates whether the profile is an organization or individuals, and a member or non-member. You can click the profile name to open the (current) profile in a new window.
  • Status: Indicates whether the change has been approved, rejected, or is still pending.
  • Date Changed: shows the date the change was submitted from your website.
  • Changed By: the name of the profile that was logged in to make the change. For example, this may be a main contact, logging in on behalf of their organization to submit changes. You can also click on this profile name to view.

To view the changes submitted for any profile listed, click "Review" for that row. A window opens displaying the different areas of the profile that were changed, and you'll see a column for the old value, and a column for the requested change. Only changes will display - any fields that remain the same will are hidden.


If you need to further edit any changes before approving them, all changed fields are editable for you to fix typos, etc. (Note: if your submissions do not appear to be editable, you are using the legacy member portal update form and will only be able to approve or reject the entire submission). 

Once you have reviewed all of the changes in all sections (and made any of your own changes as necessary), click Approve. The changes will automatically be made to the profile. 

If the change request involves the last name and report name, be sure to go in and update the Sort Name to match unless they need to be different. 

If you would not like the profile to be updated automatically, click Reject. The requested changes will not be made and the profile will not change. Note that you cannot approve some changes and reject others that were submitted together - when you click Approve or Reject, that action will be applied to all requested changes for that submission.

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