Run a Report

From the Reports menu in MC Trade, you can run any standard system report, or your association's custom version of any report.  Click on the Reports menu item in the main navigation to view the list of reports.


Just as in the Reports menu of our desktop application, the reports are organized into different groups based on the different areas of the database. If you click open any of these sections, you'll see the list of report names. You can hover over the report names to display a brief description, and you can click the blue help icon next to the report name to see a Knowledge Base article explaining the report in detail:


Click on a report name to run the report. It will open in a new window, with the options to print or export displayed as icons in the far upper left corner.



Custom Reports

You can click open the Custom Reports menu at the bottom of the list to view all of the custom versions of your reports, that have been uploaded to your association's system. You will not see any reports that are only saved to your specific computer - those reports will need to be either uploaded, or run out of your desktop application.


If any of your custom reports are saved with the same name as the standard version, you can continue to run those reports from the main report menu. For example, if you have a custom version of the Member Joined report, you can click on the Member Joined link under Member Reports, and the system will run your customized version.


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