Install MC Trade Desktop Application on Windows 8.1 / Windows 10


MC Trade (formerly Atlas/Weblink Connect) is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and as such is already compatible with Windows 8.1/10 .  However, the existing installer has a few additional instructions that must be followed when installing on Windows 8.1/10.  

Because Windows 8.1/10 is an entirely new user experience, we have included detailed instructions for finding and changing settings options in Windows 8.1/10.

System Requirements

If you are not sure if your computer/network meets the requirements, please check with your local IT support services.


Before Installation Steps

.NET Framework 3.5 must be installed and activated on Windows. Please use the following steps to check this and activate it if needed.

  1. Windows 8.1: Move your mouse to the top-right of your screen so that the Windows 8.1/10 menu appears, and click the magnifying glass to open the Windows 8.1 search feature
    Windows 10: click the Windows menu icon on your task bar and start typing to search.
  2. Search for “Turn Windows features on or off
  3. Click on the “Turn Windows features on or off” in the results area
  4. Make sure that the box for .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) is CHECKED


Installation Files

Please follow the steps below to install Crystal Reports Viewer FIRST and then MC Trade.

Crystal Reports Viewer

Crystal Reports Viewer (Must Install Either 32-Bit or 64-Bit)

Which version is my PC running, 32-bit or 64-bit? (Automatic Version Detection)


MC Trade Install File

*The link available here will always be the most up to date version


MC Trade Installer Steps

NOTE: If you are re-installing MC Trade after an error or under advisement of the Support Team, please be sure you have deleted the WebLink Connect folder from the following location on your computer before starting the installation:

C:\Program Files (x86)



Choose RUN on the Open File - Security Warning screen that appears



Choose Next on the WebLink Connect InstallShield Wizard screen that appears



Choose Install on the WebLink Connect InstallShield Wizard screen that appears



NOTE: During installation you will be prompted to enter your license key, the window can appear behind the installer.  Watch for the WebLink Jack icon in your Windows Taskbar to bring up the window to enter your license key

Choose Finish on the WebLink Connect InstallShield Wizard screen that appears

Once the installation is complete, you may now run WebLink Connect by clicking on its Live Tile on your Windows 8.1/10 Start Screen.


Login Prompt


 If you are experiencing display issues after logging in, please click here and follow the steps to adjust your display settings.


If you are receiving an error during installation, please try the following steps:

  • Disable any Anti-Virus Software
  • Disable any Firewall Software

NOTE: If you have completed the troubleshooting steps above and are still receiving an error, please contact MC Trade Support.

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