DESKTOP: Adding and Dropping Committee Members

Once a Committee has been created, you can add and members to that Committee by linking to their Profiles  Record and entering information about each Committee member's participation.

1. Go to Committees > Select Committees and open the Committee to which you want to add members.

2. Click the Committee Members tab.

3. Right-click in the datagrid and click New Member.

4. Click the [...] button to open the Profile Selector and look up the Committee Member's profile. Once you have found the individual's profile and have it highlighted in the datagrid, click Select to pull that profile back into the New Committee Member screen.

5. Set the Organization that the Committee member represents on this Committee.

6. Enter the Committee Title (Chair, Secretary, etc.) if applicable.

7. Enter the Member Since date as the date this Committee Member joined the Committee.'

8. If this Committee has terms that expire, enter the date they will rotate off the Committee here.

9. If you have any specific information you want to record about the Committee member, you can record it in the Custom fields (birthdays, meal preferences, special role on the Committee, etc.)

10. Click Save.

11. You can right-click and repeat these steps to add all Committee Members.

If a member leaves a Committee, follow these steps to inactivate them:

1. Highlight the Committee member you wish to inactivate, then right-click and choose View Selected Committee Member.

2. Check the Inactive checkbox, and set the Date Inactive.

3. Click Save.

Best practices in Committee Member Management

  • You can right-click in the Committee Members datagrid to edit and work with (export, email, etc.) one or several Committee Members.
  • If you have an Organizational Membership Structure (where the Individual is not the m ember but the company they work for is) make the Individual the Committee Member and identify the employer they represent in the Profile ID of the Organization the Above Profile Represents field.


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