Online Registration - Your Member's Experience

Visitors to your website who register for your event will be taken through a process very similar to what you see as a MC Trade user. The information below is a summary of the steps an Event Registrant - member or otherwise - experiences as they sign up for any event.

Step 1 - Enter the Registration Contact

The Registration Contact is the person responsible for submitting the information and, if applicable, paying the resulting invoice. The Registrant is offered the opportunity to log in, which will auto-populate the known Contact Information fields. You can configure what information is visible and/or required on this screen by editing your Registration Field Settings. Click here for more information on these settings.


Step 2: Select the Event Items

This area will show your registrant all the Event Items they are able to purchase or sign up for. The Event Items that display here are marked as Public in your Event Items settings area, and have a Sales Date that includes the date the person is completing the registration. If any item is restricted by you in any way, such as for Members Only or for Profiles on a certain Affiliation Code, the system will prompt them to log in if they haven't already. Below the name of each Event Item available, the Registrant will see how many Attendees each Event Item includes, and the status of any inventory restrictions. Click here to learn more about configuring your Event Items.


Step 3 - Add the Event Attendees

For each Event Item the Registration includes, there will be a certain number of Attendees who can be attached to those items. As the Registrant enters Attendee information, they will identify which of the Event Items that Attendee will be assigned to. If the Registrant signs up for multiple Event Items with multiple Attendees each, it's up to the Registrant to decide how many Attendees they bring. The system will allow them to add Attendees until all available Event Items are assigned.

For example, if a Registrant orders 2 Event Items that each include 2 Attendees, then the Registrant could potentially identify 2 or 4 Attendees. An example of this could be a Golf Tournament where a person signs up for 2 Golf Passes and 2 BBQ Dinners. From this Registration, both of these scenarios are possible:

  • 2 Attendees that each get a Golf Pass and a BBQ Dinner
  • 4 Attendees each getting only one of the items.

Regardless of how they distribute the Event Items, MC Trade will ensure there is only one copy of each Attendee and that you do not over commit Event Items.

The Information Fields displayed on the Attendees screen are configurable by you. You can decide which fields appear, and which fields are Required or Optional. Click here to learn more about Configuring the Registration Form settings.


Step 4 - Payment Info

On this screen, your Registrant will have the ability to pay for their Event Registration. The screen will display an itemized list of the Event Items they have selected, and the total amount owed for the Registration. What they see here as options are configurable by you in the following ways:

  • Promo Codes are codes the Registrant can submit to receive discounts on Event Items. Click here to learn about configuring Promo Codes.
  • Payment Methods are the methods by which they can pay or select to be invoiced. Only the Payment Methods you allow for this Event and for the selected Event Items will appear here for their use. Click here to learn about configuring Payment Methods.


Step 5 - Submit Registration

Upon completion of the Registration Process, the person will click Submit Registration. Once submitted, they will be directed to a Confirmation Screen displaying your configured Confirmation Message and a Receipt. They will also be emailed this same information to the email address identified in the Registration Contact screen. If you have enabled it, they will also be able to Share the fact that they registered for your event through their own Social Media accounts, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Click here to learn about configuring your Confirmation Message. Click here to learn about configuring your global Event Receipt. Click here to learn about enabling Sharing of your Event.




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