Tasks Module Alpha Testing - 5/20/2020

This article is intended for MC Trade clients who are part of the Tasks Alpha Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact lauren.bashaw@memberclicks.com

With our 20.12 software update, you will be able to access the following new sections in the browser version of MC Trade (you must be logged in to the browser to see these pages):

Tasks Search

To search for any Task that currently exist in your database, go to Profiles > Tasks. You can search by users associated with the task, task title, or due date. In the results grid, you can edit or delete any task, and mark it as complete. You can also add a new task (linked to a profile you search for, or unlinked to any profile) with the Add a New Task button.


Tasks on a Profile

When viewing a profile that has a Task created for it (either past or present), under the Contacts section in the Profile View you'll see a new section for Tasks. This displays any Tasks that have been created specifically for that profile, regardless of who they are assigned to and/or whether they are open or completed. You can edit those tasks from here, and/or create a new task as well. 


Add/Edit Tasks

To add a new Task, you can click "Add a Task" from a profile directly, or from the Tasks search page. You can update the Assigned To user in the upper right corner, and then enter the Task Title, change the Assigned By if necessary, enter a Due Date for the task, and choose a Task Type. Optionally, you can add email addresses to notify when the task has been completed, and miscellaneous notes for the task. 


Note that a new feature in the browser version of Tasks is to email the "Assigned To" user upon creating a new task. This email is only sent if you are assigning a task to someone other than yourself, and it tells that user the title and due date of the task. That task will then also appear on their dashboard:

Tasks Dashboard

Finally, we've added a section at the bottom of your browser dashboard to display any open Tasks, that are assigned specifically to you. If there are any incomplete Tasks in the system assigned to you, you'll see "View My Tasks" at the top of the page. On the Task Dashboard, you can sort the list, edit or delete any of the Tasks, and mark them complete using the Actions dropdown for each task. Once a Task is marked as complete, it will be removed from your Dashboard - but you can still find it in the Task Search and/or profile. 


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