Report Catalog - Profile Core Data Sheet

Report Overview

The Profile Core Data Sheet report is a great way to print out a summary level information sheet about any profile in your database.

Since this report contains basic contact information, organization description, business categories (from primary online membership listing), a list of related profiles and a list of profile’s recurring billable items, this report would be a valuable tool for financial or membership audit purposes.

How to run this report:

From the File Menu, choose Reports > Profile Reports > Profile Core Data Sheet. You will be prompted for report parameters.


Report Parameters

Parameters are useful objects to include in your Crystal Reports. They can be used for record selection, conditional formatting, or in calculations. Parameters can make a simple Report much more flexible by allowing user interaction.

This report will ask you for a Profile ID number. You can find Profile ID numbers in several places in MC Trade, including the profile general tab.


Prompt Description

Data Type


Please enter a ProfileID


Report Results

Here is a sample of this report's output:


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