Release Notice - 14.10 - 10/8/2014

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. 

Roll-out of the release will begin Tuesday, October 14 and all customers will have the release by Friday, October 24.  

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements.

Events Enhancements

  • New Feature - Promo Codes
    • We’ve added Promo Codes to our Events module to allow you to offer discounts to your registrants through the application of a code during the registration process. 
    • Promo Codes are defined in Event Settings and then applied to one or more Event Items so you can create different codes for different Event Items.
    • Promo Codes can be created as either flat dollar amount or percentage discounts, giving you more options for creating incentives for your attendees.
    • The event invoices generated will still have line items for the full registration amount. However, adjustments will be applied to get to the correct Invoice total. The adjustments used by Promo Codes can be set on a per code basis giving you additional tracking options.
    • Codes can be limited to be active for certain date ranges and can also have a maximum number of uses, designed to create exclusivity and drive urgency.
    • The Event Dashboard now contains a summary of Promo Code usage as well as an option to receive an email with greater details on how the codes have been used.   Track how each code is used so you can understand which codes performed better.

Learn more about Creating Promo Codes

Learn more about Managing Applied Promo Codes

  • Send Questions Form on Event Details Page
    • Added a confirmation message to the Send Questions form on the Events Details pages to prevent website users from submitting the form multiple times.
  • Events Bug Fixes & Other Enhancements
    • Clarified the name that is displayed when an online registration is received. It will now always display the name tied to the Profile that is on the registration.
    • Event Sponsors that are saved without an image will no longer display with the default placeholder image.
    • The Event Item summary on the Event Dashboard will now display the correct totals for each item.
    • Corrected an issue that was causing certain registrations to display multiple times in the My Events section of the Members Only portal.
    • Corrected an error when marking multiple attendees as attended or when deleting a Sign Up.


Referral Tracking - We’ve fixed several items with referral tracking:

  • Members Only logins will now track correctly again.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing referrals of user-defined referral types not to be logged.
  • Removed referrals that were triggered during the Profile save process.
  • Stopped referrals for banners that are no longer active.

Additional Bug Fixes & System Improvements

  • Corrected an issue where an error message would appear under certain conditions when applying a Payment to a new Invoice.
  • Fixed a situation where web portal users sometimes received an incorrect message that the “Changed by Your Name/Email/Phone field are required” even if they had those fields populated.
  • Resolved an issue in WebLink Local that was causing the directory to occasionally state that it was not active.
  • Corrected the access to My Saved Queries on the WebLink Connect home screen so that it now always loads the query for editing and/or preview.
  • Resolved an issue causing website users logged in to Members Only to not always be identified when they register for events.
  • Fixed a timeout error when uploading contact lists to ExactTarget in the Mass Communicator.
  • Clicking on a banner ad that does not have a ProfileID assigned will now correctly link to the Navigate URL of the banner.
  • Removed an old reference to the Online Payment Holding Tank on emails notifying staff of a payment being received in Members Only. These payments are applied to the Invoice immediately and the notification email now reflects this.


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