Contact Project Participants via Email

Email Project Participants
How can I easily update any staff members working on a certain project by email?

When a task within a project is completed or a new task has been added, you may need to notify the project's participants.

1. In the main menu, go to Tasks > Select Projects, search for the project and click Select.

2. In the middle of the project page click the Notify tab at the end of the series of tabs.

3. There will be a list of users who have tasks assigned to them within this project.  You can choose each participant you would like to notify by checking the boxes under the notify column.

4. Notice that the e-mail from will default to your e-mail, but you may override this if necessary.

5. Next, choose the priority of the notification.(Low, Normal, and High)

6. Fill in the subject field.

7. Choose the contact type. These are codes created by your organization's administrator.

8. Choose whether it is a text message or HTML. If you choose HTML, you can right-click and use the Internal HTML Editor to edit your message.

9. Type in your message.

10. Click the Send Notificaton button and confirm.

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