Report Catalog - Profile Full Involvement Report

Report Overview

The Profile Involvement Report shows a summary of a profile's involvement for the past year including revenue, open invoices, active billing records, active listings, primary relationships, affiliations, referrals, contacts and committees.

This report is useful when you need to quickly see a summary of a profile's recent activity. Many organizations will print this report an use it on retention calls or use it to demonstrate value during face to face meetings with members.

To access the report, first open the profile you want to work with in the Profile Browser. To run the report, click the link near the upper right-hand corner of the Profile Browser that says "Profile ID."

The Profile Involvement Report includes the following sections/information:

  • Profile name is at the top of the report, along with the profile's ID and whether the profile is an organization or an individual
  • Profile address, member since, phone, fax, website, email, employee counts, sold by and the main contact are in the "white" section near the top
  • Revenue Over the Last Twelve Months: This pulls all invoices for the selected profiles created over the past year, based on the invoice date. Note: this is not based on payments received
  • Open Invoices: This section displays the invoice number, due date, item and amount for any open invoices for the selected profile
  • Active Billing Records: This section displays any active billing records for the selected profile including: Billing ID, Revenue Item, Annual Amount, Billing Cycle, Starting Date, Expire Date (if any) and the Attention field
  • Active Listing: Displays the category, sub-category (if any), description and primary/print/web flags for each active listing for the selected profile.
  • Primary Relationship: Shows those individuals and/or organizations that have a primary relationship to the selected profile. This section also displays the committees that individuals belong to, assuming that the committees have been linked to an affiliation code and the affiliation code has been assigned to the individuals.
  • Affiliations: Shows the descriptions of any Affiliation Codes currently assigned to the selected profile
  • Referral Summary: Displays a summary chart of all referrals for the selected profile for the past 12 months.
  • Events in the Last Twelve Months: Displays events that the selected profile has signed up for in the past 12 months. (Note this does not indicate attendance/attendees; the report shows the sign-up only)
  • Last Ten Contacts: This section show a summary of the ten most recent contacts recorded on the contacts tab in the profile browser for the selected profile.
  • Committee Involvement: Shows committees that the selected profile belongs too. Again, this section assumes that the committees have been linked to an affiliation code and the affiliation code has been assigned to the proper profiles.

From the File Menu, choose Reports > Profile Reports > Profile Full Involvement.

Report Results

Here is a sample of this report's output:





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