Release Notice - 14.5 - 5/2/2014

As part of our commitment to excellence and customer success, we’re happy to announce several enhancements and improvements to WebLink Connect to help you manage your organization more efficiently and effectively. 

Roll-out of the release will be begin Tuesday, May 6 and all customers will have the release by Thursday, May 15.  

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements.

Improvements to the New Events Module

  • Event Invoices - Corrected an issue where the address on an invoice did not update when an event sign up was reassigned to a different profile.
  • Changing Payment Types for Sign Ups - Users will now see a confirmation message when changing the payment type for a signup.  Previously, a user received no notification that the payment type had been updated.
  • Event Custom Fields - If an event registration custom field has an additional cost, a separate line item will now be created on the invoice for each additional item. 
  • Website Event Calendar - Fixed a item where the list of upcoming events did not update to match the month displayed in the calendar view of upcoming events.  Now, if a site visitor changes the calendar view to a different month, the list of events will also update to the same month.
  • Event Sponsor Link - Addressed an issue where clicking on an event sponsor link did not open a new browser window. 
  • Event Sponsors Order - Fix a problem where event sponsors did not appear in the correct order on the event details page.
  • Event Registration Form - Corrected a bug where the Prefix field was not showing on the registration form even if it had been set as required.

Integration with IntAcct Financial Management Software

WebLink Connect now offers integration with the online financial management software IntAcct.  This integration works similarly to our integration with Quickbooks where users are able to post summary entries to their journals in IntAcct.   This allows you to easily send your receivables transaction data to your financial management software.  Learn more about the integration with IntAcct.

Other Improvements

  • Referral Reports - Corrected an issue where referrals where being logged for members' banners ads or websites where the member did not have a banner ad or website stored in the system. 
  • Profile Quick Search - Corrected an issue where the Profile Quick Search would freeze while displaying search results.
  • Audit Trail Reports - Fixed a problem where audit trail reports did not display the old value for fields that had been changed.
  • WebLink Local Online Directory - Corrected a bug where the County filter on the search page was not displaying the correct results.
  • Additional bug fixes and system improvements
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