Create and Send Member Usernames and Passwords


How do I create and send usernames and passwords for Members Only to my members?


To access your online Members Only portal, your members (and their related profiles) will need have a username and password. You can manually create the login credentials (username and password) for the profile when they become a member, or the member can set their own password using their email address. 

Portal Credentials are stored on the Web Portal Credentials section of a Profile Record. 

To manually create/edit the username and password of a profile:

1. Find and open the profile, using the Quick Search at the top of your screen or the Profile Selector, and click Edit Profile.

2. Click the Web Portal Credentials tab on the left. The profile's username is displayed, with a masked placeholder that shows if they have a password saved in our system. Note: this is a placeholder only, and may not match the exact number of characters of the member's actual password.


3. To enter or edit the member's username or password, click Change Credentials. The password field will become blank, and you can click Cancel and nothing is changed. 

4. Enter a username (if blank), and carefully type in the new password. 

5. Click Save Profile in the upper right corner. The password you entered will be encrypted (salted and hashed) and stored to our authentication database, and the screen will update to again be ready-only and display the placeholder for the password. 

To allow the member to set their own password:

1. In the Web Portal Credentials tab, click "Send Password Reset Email." This will only send if the profile has an email address. The profile does NOT need to have a username as long as they have an email address - the email address will become the username after they reset their password.

2. A window will appear confirming that you would like to send the reset link to the member. Click Send Email, and the member will receive an email with a link to set and confirm their new password. This is the standard system "Forgot Login" link email and is not editable. To send a customized email with the password link, see below for instructions on using the Mass Communicator.

You can send usernames and passwords in mass using the Mass Communicator.

1. Go to Communication > Send Email (or Send Mass Communication in the desktop).

2. In the Message tab, use the HTML Editor to compose your message. To insert the username/password, click the Special Field dropdown and insert 'Portal Login Credentials Link' wherever you want the username and password to appear. When you send the email, this will automatically populate with each individual username/email, and a unique link to set or reset their password.

4. Send your email as usual. For more information on using the Mass Communicator, click here.




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