Create a custom event confirmation message

You can customize the template used for Event Confirmation Messages in your administration section.  You might do this if you have default disclaimer text or other information that you want to always appear on your Event Confirmation emails that get sent to your registrants.

To build a custom template, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin > Set Preferences > Event Settings.
  2. Click open the Features section and scroll down to the "Registration Confirmation Message" field.


  3. Compose your message in the text box.  We strongly recommend building this message in the box provided, and not copying text from another source (or copying into the <> HTML area).
  4. Within your message, include any of the special fields listed on the left.  These items will dynamically populate into the message when sent to your event registrants.
    1. NOTE: The [[OPENINVOICES]] dynamic field will insert a link to the Online Bill Pay page of the profile assigned to the registration. That link will automatically log in that profile to your Members Only section and display all open invoices for that profile, including the event invoice. If the sign up did not yet have a profile assigned when registering, or if the balance due on the registration was $0.00, the link will not appear.
  5. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the screen.

See below for an example:




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