Creating HTML Templates for Email Signatures, Newsletters and More (Desktop)

You can create any number of HTML templates to be used with the HTML editor to control the look of communications and event descriptions. There are three different responsive newsletter email templates pre-loaded into your MC Trade database, with three different layouts. You can edit those existing templates, or copy and paste them to create new templates: access the templates and learn more about best practices for email design here.

*Please note, these templates can shared across our software solutions.

  1. Go to Admin>Set Preferences>Application Settings. Click on the HTML Templates tab.
  2. Select an existing template to edit from the dropdown, or click New HTML Template.
  3. You can then add a title for your template. The title will be used to identify the template in the HTML editor, so use a name that makes it easy to choose the correct template.
  4. Then you can specify which user has access to the template. All Users will allow everyone to use the template, otherwise only the specified user has access to the template.
  5. You can then type or paste the HTML that you need directly into the HTML Box or right-click and select the HTML Editor to create the template.
  6. Once you have created your template, click Save HTML Template, to save your work.


To use your HTML templates in the Mass Communicator:

  1. In the Message field, right-click and choose HTML Templates. Choose the template you want to use, and the code for that template will be pulled in to the Message field. You can then click the HTML Editor to edit the email.
  2. You can also access templates from the HTML Editor itself. Click the 'Select Template' link in the upper right corner, and then click Select next to the template you want to use.




This feature is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade




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