How to Create a Billing Record to Auto Generate Invoices for a Profile (desktop version)


Recurring billing allows you to bill a Profile on a regular basis whether it is once a year or every month. For example, if a Profile becomes a member in March, you may setup their billing for their dues to recur every 12 months on the third month. Atlas allows you to add as many of these billings as you need to.

  1. Select the profile.
  2. Click the Billing tab in the Profile Browser.
  3. Right click in the Datagrid and select New Billing.
  4. The Profile ID will be defaulted, but you may override this by clicking the button if the bill is to go to a different associate.
  5. Select the billing anchor month. This is the month that the billing starts, and will be used as the invoice apply date and due date.
  6. Select the billing anchor day. This is the day of the month that the billing falls on, and will be used with the anchor month as the invoice apply date and due date.
  7. The start year will default to the current year, but as always you may override this if necessary. This is the year you will start auto-generating their recurring invoices, and may not be until the following year.
  8. You may choose to invoice separately by checking the box. This way this item will always appear on its own separate invoice, even if you have set up other billing items for this profile.
  9. Select a revenue Item. (These codes are created by your administrator) The amounts will appear automatically (These are attached to the Revenue Item codes created by your administrator) but may be overridden if necessary.
  10. Select a quantity. This will default to 1 and may be changed. Notice the amounts will adjust upon changing the quantity.
  11. You may choose to bill manually by checking the box. This will prevent the auto-generate tool from actually creating an invoice for this record.
  12. Enter or change the description to be displayed on the invoice if necessary.
  13. All remaining items at the bottom of the billing record are advanced options, and are not required.
  14. If this billing record is for an invoice that needs to be sent to a different billing/general address than other billing items for this profile, click the Address Overrides tab and enter an alternate address.
  15. Click the Save button and confirm save.

Watch a Training Video for a Billings Overview:

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