Report Catalog - Member Annual Billings

Report Overview

This report generates a listing of scheduled active MEMBER billings for a specific year within a dollar range that you specify.  The resulting billing records will be grouped alphabetically.


This report  gives you a sense as to what your specific billing records look like for a given time frame.  It's a great way to audit your global membership billing records.

How to Run

From the File Menu, choose Reports > Member Reports > Member Annual Billings
Upon running the report, it will prompt you for the following parameters.
  • Enter Current Year (CurrentYear) - Enter a start date to find new members in.
  • Enter Minimum Total Billings  (BillingLower ) - Enter the lowest billing dollar figure that you wish to include in the report. 
  • Enter Maximum Total Billings (BillingUpper )  - Enter the highest billing dollar figure that you wish to include in the report.
The blue number in the left column is a hyper linked profile number.  Double clicking on any blue profile number will automatically open the profile's record in the MC Trade Profile Manager.  Under this number, you will find each billing item listed per profile.  The second column dictates the billing cycle for each revenue item.  Then third column shows you how much the profile was billed and the last column is the adjusted value.


Here is a sample of the report's output:
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