Create an Event Registration

To manually add a registration to an event you are viewing, click New Registration in the event header under the Event Name. The Registration Wizard will open so you can walk through the steps of creating a new Registration.

Registration Contact

The Registration Contact is the Individual or Organization responsible for paying the invoice on the Event Registration. If your members are Organizations, you will generally apply the Registration to the Organization Profile ID, and then identify the Individual who is acting as the Main Contact for the Event. If your members are Individuals, you can identify them as the Registration Contact and leave the Organization Name field blank.

Follow these steps to begin an Event Registration:

If the Registration Contact already has a profile in your database, type their name here and the system will suggest Profiles based on the text you typed. Click to Select the Profile you want to use. If the registrant is not in your database, type the name into Organization Name or First Name and Last Name fields. You can check the Create Profile checkbox if you'd like to create a Profile  Record from this registration.

When you've selected a Profile for the organization, you can also select a Related Profile from the drop-down menu, or manually enter the first/last name and email of the contact. If you selected an Individual as the Registration Contact, the system will auto-fill the Organization Name file they have a Primary Relationship to, if any. Enter any other fields selected as "Visible" in your settings. Note that no fields are required for staff registrations.

If you need to manually override the Registration Date, click the date field. Unless you select "Do Not Send Confirmation Email," the Registration Contact email will receive a confirmation email upon Saving the Registration.

Click Next or choose Select Items from the left tab menu.

Select Items

Use the Up and Down Arrows or type in the box to enter the quantity of each Event Item you want for this Registration. You can add as many Event Items to each Registration as necessary. A running Total Price will appear, as will a list of potential Attendees in the Registration Wizard menu.

When you finish adding Event Items, click Next to update the Attendee info or click directly on the Attendees on the Registration Window menu.

Attendees and Assigning Event Items

In the Attendees section, you will identify the people who will be attending the event, as well as assigning Event Items to these people based how many Event Items were part of this Registration.

The first Attendee for the registration will be added automatically based on the information in the Registration Contact tab. You can change this information if necessary. The first available Event Item will also be selected by default for each attendee. If an attendee will be attending/participating in more than one Event Item, you can select all that apply (and remove extra attendees as necessary).

You have three options for populating the values of each Attendee:

  • Manually enter the First and Last name etc. for each Attendee
  • Select a Related Profile from the drop-down menu, which is populated with all of the primary related profiles of the organization selected in the Registration Contact tab.
  • Search for any other unrelated individual profile in your MC Trade database: check the Search All Profiles checkbox and begin typing the first or last name of the Profile, then select them from the resulting list of profiles to populate the attendee information.

Click Next or choose Payment Info on the left tab menu.

Payment Info

Regardless of the Payment Options you made available on your website, staff users can process any type of Payment for an Event Registration.

If you have created any Promo Codes for the event, you can select and apply them from the Promo Codes drop-down menu. In the Payment Option drop-down, choose a method of payment. If the Credit Card option is selected, enter card information. If the Pay by Cash/Check option is selected, you can enter a check number and a payment will be created for the full registration.

  • The Mark as Paid and Comp (FYI Only) check boxes are for internal reporting only and will not affect the Payment or Invoice for this Registration.
  • The Do Not Invoice checkbox will prevent the MC Trade system from creating an Invoice and Payment for this Registration. Only do this if you truly do not want an Invoice to be created for a particular Registration.

Click Save. The registration, attendees and invoice will be created and you can see the new items on the Registrations and Attendees management screens.

Sponsor Info

If one of the Event Items selected for this Registration is marked as a Sponsor Item, the Sponsor Info menu item will appear in the Registration Wizard menu, so that you can easily add the related Sponsorship Logo, Message and Website.

If you want the Sponsor Message and /or Logo to appear on the Event Website, check the Show Sponsor Logo And/or Message on Web page box.

The Sponsor Name will auto fill from the Registration Contact info. You can change this if needed.


There are three options for creating a Sponsor Image:

  1. Selecting from an already uploaded Web Content Image
  2. Selecting from an already uploaded Web Server Image (which are stored int he Event Module only)
  3. Uploading a New Image


When finished, click Save to complete the Registration. If you need to edit a Registration later, see the Edit a Registration article.

Watch a Training Video:


Event Registration FAQs

As registrations are added, how are they sorted in the Registrations screen?

By default, registrations are sorted by Sign Up Date. You can change the sort order to a number of different ascending/descending options.

Can you download attendees to an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes, in both the Registrations and Attendees screen you can find multiple Export options in the Actions drop-down menu. Click here to read about Exporting Data from your Event.

How do you edit an attendee?

You can click the Edit icon next to any Attendee on the Attendees screen, or click the Attendee name when editing a Registration. You can update any attendee fields, or click Remove Attendee (and New Attendee) to remove/replace them completely. Click here to learn about Editing an Attendee.

I see you have a View / Print All Invoices. Will that include paid invoices as well?

The View/Print All Invoices does include paid invoices, but there is an additional option called View/Print Open Invoices that will only print those with an outstanding balance.

If a Registration was previously paid by credit card and needed to add one additional attendee, would the system automatically refund the card and re-charge it?

No, no further transactions would occur through your gateway. The adjustments are simply to take care of the accounting tracking for the changes, and the original credit card transaction would be transferred automatically to the new Invoice. If there is a price change by adding a new Attendee, you will need to pay the new open balance.

If a Registration is already paid and then canceled, will the system automatically create an unapplied payment record?

When you delete the registration, you will have three options to manage the payment:

  • Create unapplied payments
  • Refund the credit card
  • Adjust off the invoice/payments

Click here to learn about Cancelling a Registration.

If you edit a registration that has multiple event items but only adjust one, does it move ALL the items to a new invoice?

Yes. As soon as you alter the invoice in any way, the original invoice is written off entirely and a new invoice is created.

When a Registration is changed or edited and a new Invoice is generated, is the original payment transferred to the new invoice once the old one is written off?

Yes, the original payment is written off of the old invoice and then recreated exactly on the new invoice. You will not have to create a new payment unless there's a new outstanding balance based on the change to the Registration. Click here to learn about Editing a Registration.

Is there an easy way to do a partial cancellation or refund, such as for 3 of the 5 tickets someone purchased, in a Registration?

Yes, edit the Registration and change the Quantity on the Select Items section. If there were 5 names already entered, you will need to manually remove the two extra attendees and be sure the Event Items are assigned correctly to the remaining two attendees. On the Payment Info tab of the Registration, you can then choose Refund Credit Card to run a partial refund. If the original payment was not a credit card, or the refund does not go through, an Unapplied Payment will be created for the difference. Click here to learn about Editing a Registration.

What are the numbers in parentheses after the registration name?

That is the Profile ID of the Profile assigned to the registration.

Where is the "View an Event Attendance Report" to print to take to the event? 

On the Event Dashboard for any event, click View Event Report.

Is the drop-down menu of Related Profiles sorted alphabetically?

Yes, alphabetically by Sort Name (last name first)

Can we change Organization name for some Attendees on a Registration but not others, as some attendees are guests of members/sponsors?

Yes, any attendee can use their own organization name even if the registration is under a different organization. Click here to learn about Editing an Attendee.

How would you deal with unique number of comp registrations for exhibitors?

If an exhibitor for an event gets a certain number of Attendees included, you should add this as the "Attendees per Item" number for the exhibitor Event Item. That way when you sign up the exhibitor, you'll be able to add all of the Attendee names within that registration. Click here to learn about Setting Up Event Items.

If we manually register board members can we use the saved credit card feature?

Yes, Card on File is available for back-office users once it has been set up by the member initially.

Does the system check for duplicates when Registering someone, to see if they've already been registered?

No, at this time there is not a verification preventing you from adding multiple registrations based on name or email.

Is there a way to add multiple emails to a single Registration?

No, this isn't a feature we have planned at this time.

Will the Related Organization now auto-populate as the Organization Name when selecting an individual profile?

Yes, when attendee information is pulled in from an individual profile, the Related Organization (if available) will also populate.

Where do table numbers go?

Table numbers can still be entered in Custom Field 1 in the Miscellaneous Fields section of any Attendee. We are planning an update in the coming months for easily mass-updating table numbers.

Are there any changes to existing event tables?  Just want to make sure no custom reports are affected by the upgrade.

Existing data tables all remain intact, but we have added two "header" tables to group sign ups into registrations (EventRegistrationHeader) as well as attendees (EventAttendeeHeader). You can review these in the Data Dictionary in the Reports menu.

Are there any event upgrades that will handle event series better?

You will still be able to set up Event Items that allow users to register for a series price, but there is no feature to allow registration for multiple events at once at this time.

Have quick keys for Cut, Copy and Paste (Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-P) been restored in the short and long description?

Yes, the standard key shortcuts for cut, copy, paste and also the delete key will work just fine.

Do I need to do anything to convert my events from the previous version to the upgraded version?

All events on the current event module will automatically get the upgrade, and will simply open in the new module after the release. If you have any legacy events remaining, those will still prompt you to convert to the new module (which will convert to the upgraded version). If you are fully using our legacy module and never started using the current version, you will need to contact us to upgrade after the release.

Is there one browser you suggest we use over another (ex: Firefox vs. Chrome, etc.)?

All modern internet browsers are supported.

What impact is there on events submitted for Community Calendar by our members?

Community Events will be created as upgraded events when they are accepted in the Events > Event Requests screen. The interface/process for accepting Community events will not change.

Will you be able to copy events from the old format to the new?

If you still have the Legacy Event Module, you will need to convert it to the new upgraded version to be able to Copy an event. You can do this only after the event is over.

Can we remove or modify the text in "Log in above for faster registration and special pricing"?

Yes, you can change this text in Admin > Set Preferences > Event Settings, in the Features section. Click here to learn about Administrative Event Settings.

When a Registrant receives the confirmation Email and clicks to save the event as an Appointment, what time zone will the Appointment use? Ours, or that of the recipient?

The recipient's. Add to Outlook and Google Calendar links will now properly use the local time zone of the recipient to determine the correct time to add the event on the user's local calendar.

How do I upload our logo to display on the public registration page?

You can add any image URL from any source to Admin > Association Info in the Logo URLs tab, in the Web Logo field. If you need to upload an image, you can go to Communication > Web Content Management > New Image Web Content, then find the URL for the image under Communication > URL Selector. Click here to learn about editing your Association Info.

How will the upgrade affect our event web pages?

Only the Registration Page will change. Your Event Calendar and Event Details page will not change at all. The Registration Page (the one your website visitor sees when they click your Registration button) will be upgraded to anew format, and your website template will not appear on that page. You can add your logo at Admin > Association Info > Logo URLs.

If a member wants to register for multiple events can they do that in one step?

No, we do not yet support registration for multiple events at once.

Is there a way to have the discount apply to the grand total?

Promo Codes will apply to all event items selected that are assigned to that Promo Code. If you assign a Promo Code to all Event Items, it will be applied to the total of those event items in the Registration. Click here to learn about setting up Promo Codes.

Will all attendees receive a Confirmation Email now?

No, only the email address on the Registration Contact will receive a confirmation email.

Will the Confirmation Email include the Invoice Number?

Yes, we have added the Invoice Number to our standard confirmation summary email.

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