Committee Module Beta Testing - 7/20/20

This article is intended for MC Trade customers who are part of the Committees Beta Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 20.18 software update, the following updates have been made to the new Committee features in the browser:

  • Added "Actions" to the Committee Member grid: you can now select all or a portion of the Committee Members displayed in the committee member search, and choose to Email them out of MC Trade, export them to CSV (with all contact info included), or inactivate the selected members en masse.
  • Upload Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes: in addition to using the plain text fields available to copy notes from a meeting, you can now upload and store a document from your local machine to any meeting. In the committee, click to Meetings and open/create the Meeting, then click Agenda and/or Minutes on the left to see the upload button. Once the document is uploaded, you can copy the link to send to any other user or committee member to download, or click the name of the document to download.
  • Updates to the bulk-add committee member feature: if you need to add committee members en masse, you can click Add a Group of Members within the committee. This tool is meant for searching based on profile selector criteria like affiliation code, but can be used for any search in the profile selector. We updated the way this window displays to make things easier to see, and also added "Sort Name" as a search name if you need to search for names (remember you can use the normal Add a Member to search by name as well). 
  • Updated the Term Expires field to default to the settings in the Meeting Details immediately as soon as the Member Since date is updated. If you haven't set default terms on your committee yet, go to Meeting Details and scroll down to Term Settings for Members. The Term Expires field also no longer overwrites a custom value when changing the "Never Expires" setting.
  • Fixed some errors loading committee members that have missing Profile ID numbers or other bad data
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