Email an Invoice to a Profile

When viewing the list of invoices for any given profile, you can email a link to download either a single invoice or multiple invoices using the "Actions" menus. From any profile, click the "View Transactions" link in the Revenue section of the profile.


To send a single invoice via email, click the Actions dropdown in the far right column of the Transactions grid. Select Email.

A window will appear asking you to choose a template for your email. You can leave this selection as "None" to write your own email, or select a template from the dropdown and click Continue. 


You'll be taken to the new email, which is saved automatically as a draft. The subject of the email is populated as "Invoice from ABC Association" - with your organization name used. The message contains the template you selected (if any), and the [[PRINTABLEINVOICE]] special field at the bottom of the email. This will populate with a link that reads "View Invoice(s)" in the message that is delivered to your member. The link will launch a printable version of the invoice directly into their browser window. Click here to learn more about this field. Note that if you would also like to include a link to the Online Bill Pay page in your member portal, you need to add that to your template or message separately. 

On the Profiles tab, your name and email are populated in the "From" fields, and the profile from which you clicked Email will be listed as the recipient, with the profile's Billing contact's email address automatically populated. 

You can make any necessary changes to any of this information, then click Send Email Now on the Send tab to send the invoices.

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