Admin 101 Training Curriculum

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Admin 101 is an introductory course designed to help you understand the depth to which you can personalize and configure your MC Trade system. During this course, you will learn key concepts to help you Administer the following aspects of MC Trade. Each linked item will connect you with more information on that specific feature or activity:

  1. Managing Staff
  2. Managing Association Information
    • Keeping Association Information up to date
  3. Configuring Categories 
    • Will import during conversion, but updates are manual
    • Best practices
    • Where they show on directory
    • Subcategories
  4. Configuring Contact Types
    • Where are they used
    • Best practices of “reason for contact” vs. “how the contact was made”

Once you complete Admin 101, it is recommended that you complete the Admin 201 course for further learning.

Watch a Recording of a Previous Admin 101 Training Webinar:


Recorded 11-27-19

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