WebLink is now MC Trade!

July 10, 2019

We're renaming our membership management software systems.

Moving forward, the WebLink product will be called MC Trade, and the MemberClicks AMS product will be called Oasis. As a Weblink/MC Trade user, you will see this change reflected in the product you use starting next week. 


Here's why: Up to this point, we've always called our membership management software systems by their parent company names: MemberClicks and WebLink. But remember when WebLink was acquired by MemberClicks in 2017? Well it got a little confusing to have the company called MemberClicks AND one of our products called MemberClicks. When someone said they were using "MemberClicks," which were they referring to?

We view this as an opportunity for clarity between our two AMS product lines. Thus, the decision to give our membership management software systems new names.

As far as the WebLink (now MC Trade) product goes, the only thing changing is the name! Nothing will change about your login process, the desktop or browser versions, or your public web pages outside of the product name. In fact, you'll notice that the "WebLink Connect" label still appears in some places on your desktop version for the near future, as we transition to "MC Trade."

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: But... why?

A: We know that change can be disruptive, and we wouldn't make one like this without a good reason! After WebLink (the company) was acquired by MemberClicks (the company) back in 2017, we worked hard to make sure that you experienced very little change or disruption as we went through the transition. Leaving the software name in place helped facilitate that. Now that we are settled in as one big happy family, we want to clarify our product offerings and celebrate our unique solutions that serve the association world. Naming the two flagship AMS products "MC Trade" and "Oasis" is an important step in that process. We'll try to do it with as little confusion as possible for you, which leads to the next question...

Q: What will change?

A: About your day to day use of the software? Nothing! On the login screen for both the desktop and browser versions of the software, you'll now see our transition "WebLink is now MC Trade" messaging, and once you log in, you'll see the "WebLink Connect" label in the upper left replaced with the "MC Trade" product name. In the browser where the old WebLink logo existed, you'll see our company MemberClicks logo. Nothing else about the display, workflows, or data has changed.

Q: Do I need to do anything?

A: If you are a desktop user, then definitely not! If you prefer to log in directly to the browser at www.weblinklogin.com, you'll want to change your bookmark to app.atlasams.com starting next week. But don't fret - if you haven't done that yet or you forget, weblinklogin.com will work just fine and redirect you automatically to the right place for the forseeable future, so you're good!

Q: Will I still see "WebLink" anywhere?

A: Yes. In the desktop version, the icon for the shortcut will remain as the blue "WebLink" logo, labeled as WebLink Connect for at least the immediate future. You'll also see the WebLink Connect label on the Windows screen of the desktop version, small in the upper left corner. There are two reasons for this: one, we don't want anyone who may have missed this announcement to "lose" their database. We want this experience to be as seamless as possible. Two, updating the actual installed desktop application on your computer can sometimes require special handling, and again we don't want to disrupt your workflow. We'll take some more time to slowly update these items in a way that is as unobtrusive as possible, so look for further updates in future months. 

Q: I still have questions. Where should I send them?

A: Open a chat or ticket with our Help Team at the top or bottom of this screen, and we'll be happy to help!


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