Set a Prospect Profile as a Member (Browser)

If a non-member profile in your database joins as a member, you can set their existing profile as a member without adding a new profile. 

Search for the prospect profile using either the quick search at the top of the page, or the Profile Selector, and open the profile. 


At the top of the profile, click the "Add as a Member" button. 

Choose an "add" Member Activity from the dropdown list. These Member Activity Types are defined by you, and can be added/updated in the Admin section of the database. The date will default to the current date, but you can change this join date if necessary.


Selecting a Membership Level at this point is optional, but highly recommended. This will automatically set the Profile Status, Affiliation Codes, Billings, Benefits, and any other settings you have configured in your Membership Level settings. 

If you've selected a Membership Level and do not have any further contact information, etc. to update on the profile, you can simply choose Save & Close and the member profile will be complete. However, if you need to change contact information, add/edit a listing, or you do not use Membership Levels and need to manually enter a Billing record, click Continue Editing. 

After saving the new member profile, you may need to update the Main Contact and/or add new related profiles. Click here for more information on managing relationships. 

In addition, the initial new member invoice for the first year dues needs to be created. Click the blue notification that reads "There are no recent dues invoices. Click here to add one." to add the new member invoice and apply payment if necessary.


On the new member invoice screen, click Add Line Item. Select the correct dues Revenue Item from the dropdown, then update the Unit Price (or other price fields) if necessary. If you need to add more than one line item to the invoice (such as a new member start-up fee), you can click Add Line Item again to add multiple line items to the invoice. 

If you do not have a payment to apply at that moment, click Save Invoice and an open invoice will be created on the profile. To apply a payment, click the Payment tab on the left. 


Select a Payment Type, enter an amount, and update the source, dates, or check number fields if necessary. If you select a Credit Card payment type, the Credit Card processing fields will appear for you to enter the card information. When you click Save Invoice, the line items will be created, payment will be applied to the line items, and the credit card will be charged if applicable. 

After saving the invoice, you'll be returned to the Profile View for the new member. With all profile information entered, related profiles created, and new member invoice/payment applied, your new member is complete!

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