Create a New Project for Tasks (desktop version)

Create a New Project

How do I create a new project of tasks that need to be completed?


A Project is a group of tasks that, when completed, achieve a single objective. When organizing events there will likely be many tasks to complete the event project. Projects are excellent tools to organize events, meetings, or even the simplest of assignments. When you setup a new project you will attach the tasks needed to complete the project.

1. Go to Tasks > Create New Project.

2. Give the Project a name.

3. Assign the project to a user. Notice the Assigned To is defaulted to your username.

4. Select a Project Type. These are codes created by your organization's Administrator, and are also used to create and implement Project Templates.

5. If the Project is associated with an existing Profile you may choose a Profile by clicking the [...] button.

6. If you associate a Profile with the project, select the Main Contact for that Project.

7. Select the Project Status. This is another code created by your Administrator.

8. Set the Date Started as the date work begins on the project. This field is very important to enter if there are Template Tasks associated with your Project Type.

9. Select the date that the Project (as a whole) is due.

10. Enter a brief description of the project.

11. The additional Notes and Custom Field tabs next to the Description tab are for any added notes you may need to record. These are optional.

12. When finished, click Save and confirm. You can then close the window or click Done.

You can open the Project you just created by going to Tasks > Select Projects and entering the appropriate search criteria. You can then open the project and begin adding Tasks if you did not use a Template, or editing the tasks that were automatically created if you did.

 NOTE: you can reassign a project at any time by going to Tasks > Select Projects, use your shift/control keys to select the projects you'd like to reassign, and then right-click and choose "Assign Selected Project(s) to a User."


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