Track Meeting Attendance (browser version)

You can use the Meeting Attendance feature to track which members attended a given meeting, as well as record any guests that attended. 

Click here to see instructions on creating a meeting for a committee. To record attendance:

  1. Open the committee, and click the Committee Meetings tab. Select the committee for which you want to record attendance. 
  2. Click the Attendance tab on the left.
  3. To mark a committee member as attended, simply click/tap the Attended checkbox next to their name. 
    1. Tip: pull up this page on your tablet or phone, and pass around the device to each committee member to check off their own name!
  4. If you need to add a guest that is not a member of the committee, click Add a Guest.
  5. Search for the guest by name. They must have a profile in your database to be added to the meeting. 
  6. Select the guest from the results, and they will be added to the list of attendees.
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