Email Message Analytics

With the new mass email tool available in the browser, open rates and click-through rates on all links in your email are tracked to provide you with important analytics for optimizing communications.

To view the analytics for a message you have sent through the browser, go to Communication > Message Admin. Analytics are available on messages in the "Sent" tab - click on the linked subject of the message to open and view details.


When you open a sent message, you will be able to view the subject, the body of the HTML email message,  the list of profiles and emails that resulted from your profile search, and all settings and options. You cannot change any of these items on a Sent email, but can view all details. You will also see a new Analytics tab on the left, which displays the open and click-through rates for each message.


Successful Sends: this indicates the number of messages that were attempted and did not fail out of our Mass Communicator service, that returned with a notification "Email Sent." 

Opens: out of the successful sends from the original list, this is the number of emails that were opened and viewed in an email application. Note that "open" rates trigger when an email is opened or viewed in a preview pane without image/link blocking enabled. A generally accepted industry benchmark for successful open rates is around 30%.

Clicks: out of the opened emails, this indicates how many had at least one click from the message. Links click-throughs are tracked individually, and rolled up to a total number of emails that are clicked for this dashboard total.

Failed: the total number of emails that could not be sent. This does not necessarily include bounce-backs, depending on the type of bounce, but indicates the messages that could not be delivered (usually because of invalid domains, internet/communication issues, overlarge attachments or message sizes, etc.)

To view the details on which emails were opened vs. delivered vs. failed, click the View Details button below the chart displaying the open rate. Also, the "Read #" in the View Details will track reads/views when that email message is forwarded to and viewed by another email address as well - which does not have to be an email address that is included on the original send list. Views are not unique - this is a total count of views.

Below the click-through chart, each link from your email message is listed with the total number of clicks and a percentage of click-throughs out of the total opened emails. To view the details on specifically who clicked which link, click the View icon for each link. If a link was in your message but does not appear in this chart, it was not clicked by any recipients (click rate of 0%). 

Watch a Training Video: 

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