Reporting 101 Training Curriculum

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Reports 101 is an introductory course designed to help you understand all the reporting options you have in MC Trade. Regardless of what type of data or analysis you need, MC Trade has various tools to help you get this information quickly and easily. Reports 101 will focus on the following important topics:

  • Reports Overview
  • Standard Reporting options
  • Selector Tools
  • My Dashboard Reports

Once you complete Reporting 101, it is recommended that you complete the Reporting 201 and 301 courses for further learning.

Below is the detail of the Reporting 101 Course. Each linked item will take you to further instruction and videos to help you understand each feature and activity.

  1. Report Overview
    • What do I need the report for?
    • Do I need data or a printable report
    • What will I do with the data I pull?
  1. Standard Reports Overview
    • Most reports are intended to print
    • Identifying exportable reports
    • Most used reports as a best practice
    • Report sections can be restricted
    • Print
    • Export
    • Email
    • Refresh
  1. Selector Tools
    • Best for exporting data to Excel
    • Flexible
    • Reminder of sorting/grouping/saving grid state
    • Profile Selector
    • Contact Selector
    • Task/Project Selector
    • Sales Opp Selector
    • Invoice Selector
    • Payment Selector
  1. Shortcut Reports
    • Save Dashboard Reports

Watch a recorded version of a previous Reporting 101 Training:


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