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Finding Projects
How do I search for existing projects?

You can search for and open/work with any Project in MC Trade using the Project Selector.

1. On the main menu go to Tasks > Select Projects.

2. Select the user name of the Project you would like to view. Notice that All Users is selected for you click the down arrow to select a specific user.

3. Select the Project field of the date you would like to search by, such as Due Date, Date Started and Date Completed.

4. Choose the From date or the date to start your search, and the Through Date or the end date for the search.

5. Choose the Task Status, or leave as Any for all statuses.

6. To narrow your search you may enter a keyword that is anywhere within the Project.

7. Hit 'Enter' or click Preview, and the results will appear in the Project Browser.

8. Select the Project you want to work with, then click Select to open it. You can then add tasks to the Project or make any other changes.

 NOTE: you can reassign a project at any time by going to Tasks > Select Projects, use your shift/control keys to select the projects you'd like to reassign, and then right-click and choose "Assign Selected Project(s) to a User."

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