Logic Behind the Directory Search

The logic that we used when it comes to searching is searching first for the exact name of a member first, then it's looking into long business descriptions on the listings for that keyword, and then category name, and then it's looking for similar related terms to that keyword.

For example search for healthway it came back with related terms for that word, and showed all of the "medical" clinics, treatment centers etc..

The idea behind it was to expand the search results and visibility as much possible in the directory search.

The keyword search works like this:
1. it searches the exact term in this order:
a. exact category name
b. name of the business that matches the searched term
c. business description
d. additional keywords on the listing
2. it then goes to the list of associated terms that we have coded. For example- Hotels are related to Motels, Accommodations, Resorts .. etc.

The members that are showing up in a list have a term in their name that is broadening the search, for example Health is tied to Doctors, Physicians, Hospitals, etc. The coding helps bring visibility to more listings.
This is part of the design of the keyword search, and unfortunately there is not a way to change this presently. The exact match for member name will always bring them to the top, but if they have one of the specific words in their name that is tied to other search terms, it will bring in more listings.

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