Import or Export a Query from the Data Export/reporting Tool

In the Data Export/Reporting Tool, you can export any query you build to an "XML" file, which is simply a small file that contains the code for running your query. This file can be emailed/shared just like any Word or Excel file, and imported into your database. By exporting/importing queries, you can share with other MC Trade clients or users who do not have access to certain existing queries.

To Export a query:

  1. Go to Reports > Data Export/Reporting Tool and click My Saved Queries.
    Select the checkbox next to the query you would like to export.
    Click the Actions drop down in the upper right corner of the grid, and choose Export Query Definition, then click Go.
    Select the location on your computer/network to which to save the query, and click Save.

To Import a query:

  1. Go to Reports > Data Export/Reporting Tool and click Import a Query (or click Import a Query from your My Saved Queries home screen).
  2. Select the XML file from your computer/network, wherever you've saved it, and click Open.
  3. The Data Export/Reporting Tool will open with the query loaded. You can click through the screens as usual to make any changes, then click Save Query if you'd like to save it to your MC Trade database. It will then be available directly through My Saved Queries.



This feature is included or available for purchase with the following MC Trade packages.


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