Managing Speakers

The “Speakers” section is where you will enter the speaker information for your event.  This can be done manually or by import.

Manually Adding Speakers

To manually add your event’s speakers, click the orange “+” icon.


Once the blank speaker card appears, you can begin filling out the speaker’s information.  The information for each speaker is divided between three tabs: “Contact,” “Bio,” and “Session.”  Additionally, you can also upload images for your speakers by clicking on the blue square in the top-right corner of each speaker card.


Contact Tab

The “Contact” tab is where you will enter the speaker’s contact information: Name, Title, Organization, Phone, and Email.



Bio Tab

The “Bio” tab is where you will enter the speaker’s background and bio information.


Session Tab

The “Session” tab is where a list of each speaker’s sessions will appear.


Importing Speakers

If you wish to import your event’s speakers, simply click on Screen_Shot_2019-04-03_at_1.58.27_PM.png (located next to the orange “+” icon) and follow the instructions on the popup.  Once you’ve downloaded the speaker template, you can read instructions on how to fill out the import template by clicking on the “Instructions” tab at the bottom of the excel file.

NOTE:  The speaker import will only work if you follow the import instructions.

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