Member Portal BETA Release Notes - 5/20/2021

This article is intended for MC Trade customers who are part of the Member Portal Alpha/Beta Testing project. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please contact

With our 21.9 software update, the following updates have been made to the new Member Portal:

  • Enable Automatic Recurring Billing for specific billing records: you can now set an individual Billing record to be available for ARB subscription in the member portal. If this setting is enabled on a billing record, the member will 1) be prompted to charge their card on a recurring basis based on the billing record amount and cycle/date when paying any invoice tied to that billing, and 2) see the billing displayed on the member profile home page, with a button to enable ARB even if there are no open invoices. Click here for more details. 
  • Credit Card form populates address by default: when selecting an invoice to pay, the credit card form will be pre-populated with the billing address of the profile to which the invoice is assigned, but can be changed if necessary
  • Payment History: members will now be able to click the "Payment History" button from their home page (if transaction history is enabled in your portal), to view a history of all paid invoices with the ability to print the invoice, including payment receipt information reflecting the $0.00 balance due.
  • Improved Logout landing page to include text instructions and allow user to log back in properly
  • Fixed an issue with profile avatar photos not saving to the correct profile
  • Fixed an issue preventing payment receipts from going out in the new portal
  • Fixed a typo on the Open Invoices page ("acounts")

With this release, we've also implemented the ability to redirect your current portal link ( to the new portal, as well as direct your internal link to the portal and Online Bill Pay link to the new version. We still have some polishing to do on the portal (additional configuration settings and custom text/page descriptions, mobile optimization, fixing a few broken links), but anyone who would like to shift from the old to the new portal can now do so and use all of the features currently available in a live setting with their members. If you are interested in enabling the redirect to send your members to the new portal, contact Lauren at

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