How To Disable Email Contact Form on Directory Listing

Question: Is there an option to turn off the "Send a Message" feature from our Online Directory? 

Answer: Yes, you can disable the Email Contact Form on a Directory Listing. This needs to be done in two places in the Online Directory Settings: Listing Page Settings AND Results Page Settings.

  1. Navigate to: Admin > Set Preferences > Online Directory Settings > Listing Page Settings AND Results Page Settings
  2. You need to disable the Email Link option in each Level setting on the Results Page Settings AND;
  3. You need to disable the Email Form option in each Level setting on the Listing Page Settings 

Troubleshooting Tips: If you disable the Email Form and not the Email Link, clicking on the name within the listing will direct individuals to a blank page. Make sure to check all the batches/levels that are being used. Also, make sure to disable both of these settings. 


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