Add or Configure Benefits to Membership Level

On each Membership Level, you can configure all of the standard benefits a member within that level receives in a year of membership. By completing this one-time set up process, each time a member is assigned or renewed in a certain level, their list of benefits will automatically be updated.

Click here for more details on setting up Membership Levels.

To add benefits to a Membership Level:

  1. Go to Admin > Set Preferences > Membership Level Management (or Admin > Membership Level Management in the browser).
  2. Click Edit on the level to which you are adding benefits.
  3. Click on the Benefits tab on the left menu.
  4. Click Add Benefit.

  5. Select the Benefit Name from the drop-down list.
  6. The dollar value from the Benefit code will auto-populate. Enter a quantity for this benefit, meaning how many of this particular Benefit does the member receive in a year of membership. 
  7. The Total Value field will automatically update based on the quantity you enter. If you prefer, you can manually enter a Total Value that the member should receive in a year of membership (for example, they get $100 in free event registrations). 
  8. Indicate whether the Benefit renews annually when the membership renews. Some new member benefits may only be available once, but normally this box should be checked.
  9. Click Add Benefit to continue adding Benefits to this level.
  10. Click Save. A window will come up prompting you to either Save or Save and Update. If you would like the system to Auto-Update all profiles that are already assigned to the level you are editing-- adding all of the benefits you just configured to each profile-- click Yes, Update Profiles and enter your email address so you can be notified when the process is complete.*

Repeat these steps for each Membership Level. You do need to add each benefit to each level, even if all Member Levels receive the benefits, if you want to track and report on that benefit. Each type of benefit can only be added once to each level (however you can increase the quantity and/or dollar value for each one).

* Note: if you have a large number of benefits and/or profiles to update, the auto-update process can slow your system down while it runs in the background. It is generally recommended to wait until off-peak hours to run an update affecting a large number of profiles.

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