Manage Cost Center Codes

Cost Centers
How do I add, edit or remove Cost Center codes?

MC Trade uses Cost Centers to help you organize the costs associated with completing Tasks and Projects. A Cost Center is essentially a classification you apply to specific task Types so you can gather the total costs associated with those tasks. While these numbers are primarily for informational purposes only and are not connected with your accounting, they can be helpful in grouping like types of costs. Follow these steps to create Cost Centers.

1. Go to Admin > Manage Codes > Task Codes > Cost Centers.

2. Click New. The Selected Cost Center text fields will empty.

3. In the Title text field, enter the Name of your new Cost Center.

4. If this Cost Center is assigned to a specific User, select their User Name from the Assigned To drop-down menu.

5. Click Save. The new Cost Center will appear in the datagrid.

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