Assign Profiles to Membership Levels (Desktop)

Once your levels have been created, you can set any member profile's level in the Member tab of the Profile Browser, or in the right-click menu of the Profile Selector. When you set or change the member's level and save the profile, you will be prompted to update the profile according to your configuration settings. You will also see the level of that member displayed at the top of the Profile Browser.

To set/change a profile's Membership Level:

  1. Search for and open the member in the Profile Browser.
  2. Click on the Member tab. 

  3. In the Membership Level dropdown, select a level. 
  4. Click Save. The following prompt appears:

  5. If you do not want to update any profile information other than the Membership Level field itself, select "No, I will manually update..." and click Continue. No changes will be made to the profile other than the Membership Level. If you would like to update the profile according to the configuration settings for the level to which you are changing it, choose "Yes, update all information..." and click Continue.

    When you choose to update all information, the following changes will be made:
    1. Profile Status: if you have configured the level to change the Profile Status and selected one, the existing Profile Status will be overwritten with the one for the new level.
    2. Billing Records: if the level is configured with a Billing (or more than one), a new Billing record will be creating for the profile using your settings. Note that if the profile already had a Billing record tied to another membership level, that billing record will be inactivated and the new level's billing record will copy the month/date/starting year, amount (unless dictated by the new level) and cycle (unless dictated by the new level).
      If the profile already had a Billing record using a Revenue Item that is NOT used in any other Membership Level, that Billing record will not be inactivated even if a new Billing is added. Click here for more details on how Billings are updated. 
    3. Affiliation Codes: the profile will have all Affiliation Codes associated with its previous level removed (if it already had a level - if not, no Affiliations are removed). Then all Affiliation Codes associated with the new level are assigned to the profile.
    4. Listings: if the level is configured to overwrite Listing information, any existing Listing records for the profile will be update to have the Listing Type, Details Listing Type, and Position of Listing indicated in the level.

Assign Membership Levels to Multiple Profiles at Once

You can select any number of profiles in the Profile Selector and right-click to assign all of them to a Membership Level at once. This will always update all profile data to match the level configuration - if you want to set a Membership Level without updating profile data, you must set the level manually in each profile.

  1. Go to Profiles > Select Profiles and search for the members you want to assign to a Membership Level.
  2. Select the rows you want to assign, using your Shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple rows. With the members selected, right-click and choose Assign Selected Members to Membership Level.
  3. In the window that appears, select the level to which you would like to assign the selected members:
    The message tells you how many members you have selected, and notifies you that all configured profile data (Billings, Affiliations, etc.) will be updated when you click Continue. The email address displayed will be notified when the update process is finished. This may take several minutes to several hours, depending on how many profiles are selected, but you will be able to use Atlas as usual while the profiles are updated. You can view the progress of the updates by going to Admin > Set Preferences > Membership Level Management.


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