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Category Codes
How do I add, edit or remove business categories for my online directory?

MC Trade uses Categories and Sub-Categories to classify your members. You assign these Categories and Sub-Categories when you create Listing Records on the Listings Tab in a Profile Record.

1. In the main menu, go to Admin > Manage Codes > Member Codes > Category Codes.

2. Notice that there are two tabs visible: Category and Sub-Category. Each Category Code contains its own Sub-Category Codes. Whenever you click on a specific Category Code, the information in the Sub-Category tab will correspond with the selected Category.

3. Click New. The editable text fields will go blank.

4. In the Category text field, enter the name of your new Category Code.

5. In the Description text field, enter the Description of your new Category Code.

6. In the Keywords text field, enter descriptive words or synonyms that will help identify this Category. Separate these words with a comma. Keywords help identify the appropriate Category in the Business Directory Search field, and also create Page Title and Meta Information for your directory web pages.

7. In the SIC Code, NAICS Code, Other Code 1, or Other Code 2 text fields, enter any identifying industry codes you want to track with this Category Code.

8. In the Redirect to URL text field, you can enter any valid web page address. If you do this, whenever someone clicks on the link for this Category, they will be redirected to the web page you identify. Generally, you want to leave this field blank.

9. The Standard Category refers to the online directory 'Quick Links' section that this Category will fall under.  This is automatically assigned, but you can change it if it was not assigned correctly.  The list of Standard Categories is static and cannot be changed.

10. If you are entering Sub-Categories with this Category Code (OPTIONAL), click the Sub-Categories Tab at the top of the window. Repeat Steps 3 through 9 as many times as needed, clicking Save after each Sub-Category is entered. When you are done, click the Category Tab.

11. Click Save.

*NOTE* If you change the name of a category, any Banner Ads that were directed to that category will be REMOVED from the category page on your site. If you manage your own banners, update the category names under Communication > Web > Banner Ads.

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