Adding Reports to My Dashboard for Others Users

MC Trade allows each user to place reports on their dashboard. However, an Administrative User may also assign reports to the Dashboards of other system users. Follow these steps to assign place reports on other Users' Dashboards:

  1. In the main menu, go to Admin > Manage Codes > User Codes> User Dashboard Reports.
  2. In the Username drop-down menu, select the User you want to work with.
  3. Click New.
  4. In the Tab Name text field, enter the name of the report you want to place.
  5. In the Report Path field, click the [...] to navigate to your desired report. By default, MC Trade will look first in the Custom Reports folder.
  6. Once you find the report you want to place, highlight it and click Open. The document path will appear in the Report Path text field.
  7. The Tab Position field will be automatically populated. If you desire, change the Tab Position number.
  8. Click Save.
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