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Email communications that you send on a regular basis to a standard group of profiles can be set up as Recurring Emails, to be delivered automatically based on your settings. This could include sending daily "Welcome" emails to anyone who joined that day, monthly dues invoices, committee reminders, and more.

Click below to watch a quick overview of the Recurring Email feature:



  • To set an email as Recurring, go to Communications > Send Email (Web) to open the browser Send Email tool. Click here for more details on how to build an email.
  • On the Profiles tab, choose search criteria that the email will use each time it sends to build a recipient list. This search will run and automatically update each time the email is sent. If you are using Date field searches, be sure to use an "In the period" search such as "Next 7 Days" or "30 Days Ago" instead of entering a static date (such as 1/1/2018). The criteria you've selected will display above the current profile list for you to review:
  • On the Send tab, check the Set As Recurring. A dropdown will appear listing the options for setting your email recurrence:
    • Daily: the search/send occurs once every day (including weekends)
    • Weekly: choose a day of the week to send the email, and the search/send occurs every week on that weekday
    • Monthly: choose a day of the month to send the email, and the search/send occurs every month on that date. If you choose "Last Day" it will run on the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st depending on the month.
  • Choose a time of day that your email will be delivered. On any day that the email is set to go out, it will be "held" in the mass communicator queue until the time that you indicate here. This is displayed in your local time.
  • If you use the "Do Not Email" checkbox to keep emails from being delivered to certain profiles, they will automatically be eliminated from all recurring emails. To override this setting and always send to all profiles that match your search criteria, check "Override all Do Not Email flags each time this email is sent."
  • Click Send Recurring Email. The email will be saved in Message Admin for you to review/edit at any time. As soon as your scheduled day is reached, the profile search will be run at that time, and the email sent to all recipients meeting the selected criteria.

To view Recurring emails, go to Communication > Message Admin. Click Recurring on the left menu. You can click the subject to open and edit the email, or copy/delete the email at any time.

If you don't want to delete the email, but would like to cancel the recurrence, edit the email and select the radio button option to Send Immediately (which will unselect Set as Recurring) and then click Save in the upper right corner. The message will be saved back to your regular Drafts folder.

View more examples of how to set up automated recurring emails here, and click below for a training video with more details:


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