Reassign Tasks in Mass

You can reassign a large number of tasks at once to a new MC Trade user with your right-click menu in the My Dashboard screen, the Task Selector or the task list within a project. This can be useful if you have a staff member leave and need to assign their tasks to a new person, if member accounts get shifted between staff, etc.

The right-click option can be found in three places:

  • My Dashboard, in the My Tasks tab
  • Task Selector, under Tasks > Select Tasks
  • In a specific project, in the Tasks tab when viewing that project
  1. In any of these three screens, click on the tasks you would like to reassign. You can use your shift and control keys to select multiple tasks.  
  2. With the tasks selected, right-click and choose Assign Selected Task(s) to a User.

  3. Select the user from the dropdown, and click Submit.

The "Assigned By" field on all tasks will be replaced with the user you selected, and a confirmation message will indicate when this is complete (this only takes a few seconds, even for many tasks).

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