About Member Drop Automation

Using several configuration screens and the Batch Drop interface, MC Trade allows you to drop members in a batch, or one at a time, with a just a few clicks. View the video below for an overview of these great features!

To get started, you'll need to set up your Drop Action Settings. This allows you to tell the system what specific actions you would like completed when you drop a member profile, including inactivating billing records and listings, writing off invoices, inactivating committee members, and more. Once you've configured your drop settings, you can uncheck a profile's Member checkbox and sit back and relax while the system does all the work! Click here to learn how to configure your Drop Actions.

In addition, we've added an option to allow you to batch drop members for nonpayment of dues (or other invoices that you indicate) after a certain number of days. Click here to learn how to set up your Batch Drop Settings. Once you've entered your Drop eligibility settings, the new "Drop Members" interface allows you to select all of those members (or just a handful), and drop them all with a single click. Click here for more details on using the Drop Members batch interface.

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