Event Registration Settings

The Registration Settings include configuration options for how your event appears online, registration page elements and features, payment options and setting overall event attendance maximums, goals, etc.

Event Status

The Event Status check boxes refer to the event's availability on your website. Use these boxes to determine whether this event is listed on your website and whether it is open for online registration.

  • Disable Registration - prevents anyone from registering for the event on your website (back-end staff users can still add registrations). Direct links to the registration page will not allow the user to register if this box is checked.
  • Hide Event on Calendar - hides the event from your online calendar pages, but if a user has a direct link to the registration page they will still be able to register.

Public Registration End Date

The Public Registration End Date checkbox allows you to set a date to remove the register button from the event details page. Typically this is used if you want to shut off registration ahead of the sales end date set within event items. Note: While the Disable Registration button above immediately shuts off all online registration, with the Public Registration End Date field, if you have shared the direct registration URL with anyone or linked to it directly bypassing the event details page, people will still be able to register.

Payment Methods

The Payment Methods section lists each Payment Method available for this event, with the ability to make that Payment Method available for online registration by your guests for one or more event items, and/or add a fee to be added to the event invoice when that payment method is used.

Available to Public - When checked, this Payment Method will be available on your website when someone registers for this event. You can make this Payment Method available online for any or all of your Event Items. If a n item is not marked as Available to Public, your staff can still use that Payment Method when registering someone for the event.

Applies To - This will be a list of all of your Event Items for this event. You can check as many boxes as you would like for the items you want to have this Payment Method available. For example, some associations create an Event Item that is only available to members, and the Bill Sign Up option is only available for this item. That way, non-members have to use an Event Item that does not offer the Bill Signup option and must pay at the time of registration.

Fee Type - This allows you to configure any additional fees that apply when this Payment Type is chosen, such as a surcharge for using a Credit Card or for choosing to pay at the door. Fees can be either a flat amount or a percentage of the total price for this Event Item. If you choose to add an Additional Fee to a Payment Method, you will also need to identify the Amount, Revenue Item to use for the Invoice, and a Fee Description to add to the Invoice Line Item. The Fee Description is what the Registrant will see on their receipt and invoice.

Contact Person and Confirmation Message

The Event Assigned To field allows you to select a user to be notified when a registration is submitted online for the event.

By default, registrants will receive a confirmation message containing the event information, sign up information, and a link to edit their registration.  If you want to ADD to this message, enter your additional text in the Additional Text field.  Your text will appear directly above the sign up information in the message.

If there is a maximum number of attendees for the event, enter this in the Maximum Attendees field.  You can leave this at 0 if there is no maximum. If there is a minimum number of attendees for the event, enter this in the Minimum Attendees field.  You can then enter the date by which you need to meet this minimum in the "Date to decide event cancellation" field.

Enter your Attendee Goal and Sales Goal for the event.  This will display on your event dashboard.

Choose your online settings under "Details page settings."  This determines which features you would like to show/not show or override on the event web page.  Note that if you check "Show current attendees on event details page...," actual attendee names/organizations will be displayed on the event web page.

If you'd like to allow registrants to share their registration on social media, check the "Enable Sharing" checkbox. If this checkbox is checked, anyone who registers for the event online will see three buttons on their registration confirmation screen, to share to Twitter, Facebook, and/or Linked In. Each button will prompt them to post to their social media site, with the option to customize their message and a link back to the event registration page.


After entering any/all of the information above, be sure to click the Save button at the top of the event to save your changes.

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