Edit Profile (Browser)

To edit the contact info, membership info, billings, listings, etc. for a profile, click Edit Profile from the Profile View:


The Profile Edit screen will open. The first tab, General Information, contains all of the contact information for the profile as well as the Profile Status, Assigned To/Sold By users, and the Number of Employees field and preferences. 


You can then click to any section listed on the left to edit the data in that area of the profile. For example, to add a Billing Address, click on the Additional Addresses tab and click Add Address. 

The Listings tab contains each category Listing for the profile, as well as the ability to add additional listings. You can also edit/add Billings this way, on the Billing tab.


The Affiliation Codes tab contains a list of all existing Affiliation Codes in your system on the left, and the Affiliation Codes already belonging to the profile on the right. You can select any Affiliation and use the Add/Remove buttons to update the profile's Affiliations.


To manually create or edit a username/password for the profile, click to the Web Credentials section. Click Change Credentials, enter the new username and/or password, and your changes will be saved and the password properly encrypted when you save the profile.


You can make changes to any tab, and then use the Save buttons at the top to save all of your changes at once - you do not need to save in between switching sections of the Profile Edit page. If you do have many changes to make, you may choose to use the "Save and Continue Editing" button to save your changes without leaving the page. Once you've completed your changes, you can click Save Profile to save all changes and return to the Profile View.

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