Report Catalog - Projected Revenue

This report uses the probability of closing a sales opportunity and the estimated revenue from that sale to predict revenue. Because this reports makes mathematical calculations to project revenue, for this report to work correctly your Sales Opportunity Probability Codes must use numerical values, not text values. For example, Probability Codes like 10%, 50% or 90% will work; "Hot" "Warm" and "Cold" will not. It is a great way to provide an estimate of what revenue could come in if all your sales are closed.

To run this report, go to Reports > Sales Opportunities >  Sales Opportunities-Projected Revenue. Once run, the report will display a table of Sales Opportunities grouped by their probability status. It will then multiply their Probability by the Estimated Amount to determine an Adjusted Amount.

To drill down, double-click on the Probability code. This will show you groups of Sales Opportunities organized by their Probability Status.

The report pulls its information from the Sales Opportunity Codes entered into Atlas. Sales Opportunities live on the Contacts tab of a Profile Record.

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