Create a Project Template to Generate Tasks (desktop)

Create a Project Template

How do I create a project template to automatically generate the tasks I need in my project?


A Project Template is a project that your organization does often or repeats. Project Templates will save you time when a project such as a recurring event or annual meeting occurs, you will not have to setup the project over and over. The process to setup a project template is basically the same as a project, the only difference is that you will be able to generate the Template Tasks automatically.

1. Go to Tasks > Project Templates.

2. Select a Project Type. These are codes created by your organization's administrator.

3. Click New to create a new Template Task for this Project Types.

4. Give the Task a title.

5. Choose the user the Task is 'Assigned To.'

6. The Assigned By field will be defaulted to the current user name but you may override this if necessary.

7. Choose the Task Type. These are codes in which your organization will create.

8. Enter the number of hours projected, estimated budget, and priority if applicable (these fields are optional).

9. Enter the number of days after the project is 'Started' that you want this task to be due in the 'Days from start date to due date' field. For example, if you want a task to be due 30 days after the project you create using this template is started, enter '30' here. Then, if a project using this template is started on June 1st, the specific task you are creating will be due on June 30th.

10. If there is someone who needs to be notified when this task is completed, enter their email address(es) here. You can comma-separate multiple emails.

11. Click Save and confirm save.

12. The task will appear in the field at the bottom of the page. Repeat these steps to add as many tasks as necessary to the template.



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