Send Confirmation Emails to Each Attendee

When someone registers for an event, they can register a number of attendees at once - either by selecting an increased quantity, or selecting an item that has more than one attendee included. Each of these attendee can have their own email address; however the system only automatically sends the confirmation email to the overall registration email address.

To change an event so that all registrations have confirmation emails sent to all attendees within that registration:

  1. Search for/open the event.
  2. In the Registration Settings section, scroll down to the confirmation message settings.
  3. Check the box "Send Confirmation Email to all Attendees"
  4. Click Save in the top right section of the page.


Now all registrations that are completed from your website, as well as any back-office registrations you create and choose to send the confirmation email, will now be sent to the registration contact email as well as any additional attendees. 

If the registration contact email is the same as an attendee (usually the case), that email address will still only receive one confirmation email.

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