Report Catalog - Project Status

Report Overview

This report provides a quick overview of projects that have been conducted within a time frame that you specify. The date range is calculated by the project due date field.


Knowing the status of project-related tasks is useful in determining your organization's rate of deliverables in certain areas of operation.

How to Run

From the File Menu, choose Reports > Task Reports > Project Status
Upon running the report, it will prompt you for the following parameter(s):
  • Please select the first date in your range (Project Starting Due Date) - Enter a start date to find project information in.
  • Please select the last date in your range (Project Ending Due Date - Enter an end date to find project information in.
  • Select to view Open Tasks, Closed Tasks or Both (TaskStatus) - Select which option you wish to view.
  • Project Name Contains (ProjectName) - Enter a keyword from the project name(s) that you wish to view.


Here is a sample of the report's output:
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