Third Party Website Implementation Checklist

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The following has been provided by MemberClicks to facilitate accuracy when providing a third-party-designed template URL. You must be able to check every item here before the template is ready to be used by MemberClicks. If you are unsure, please check the ​source code of your template in a browser. Please contact MemberClicks if you have any questions.


☐​A subdomain has been set up and pointed to the MemberClicks Server (a​dd a CNAME record for the subdomain, pointing to your organization's domain.​)

SSL Certificate:

☐​An SSL certificate has been obtained and is being used

The Templates:

☐​All image references are absolute and secure (“https://siteurl/image.jpg”, instead of “/image.jpg”)

☐​All JavaScript references are absolute and secure (“https://siteurl/script.js”, instead of “/script.js”)

☐​All style references are absolute and secure (“https://siteurl/style.css”, instead of “/style.css”)

☐​All links to other pages are absolute (“http://siteurl/page.html”, instead of “/page.html”)

☐​No base href reference is being used (<base href="[[URL]]" />)

☐​No forms are being used (except those being iframed)

☐​The MemberClicks tags have been properly placed in the wide template



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