MC Trade Configuration and Settings (desktop version)

Application Settings

What are the different database settings and options that I can control in the Admin section?


The Application Settings area is where you tell MC Trade how to behave for your system users and with other integrated programs.

1. In the main menu, go to Admin > Set Preferences > Application Settings.

2. The tabs on this screen are all defaults, integrations, and overall system settings. They relate to a variety of different areas of MC Trade. Click on the tab that corresponds to the setting you want to change:

The Tasks tab contains the overriding colors for all tasks that are overdue, and all Tasks that are flagged as 'Must Be Confirmed' (of any Task Type).

The Email tab contains two items: at the top are the default settings if you wish to use your own server in the Mass Communicator instead of MC Trade. You can enter your SMTP information here.

The bottom section is for you to set a default Template that appears every time the Mass Communicator is opened, which is applied to all users.

Credit Card Processing
You can indicate which types of Credit Cards you would like to accept using the boxes on this tab, and also set up the integration to your Credit Card Gateway.

This tab allows you to enable Prospect Protection. If this box is checked, the Sales Opportunities in MC Trade cannot be changed or closed by anyone other than the user they are assigned to.

You can send faxes directly out of MC Trade, if you integrate with the faxing service Interfax. Once you set up an account with them (you can click the link from your database to learn more), you can enter your credentials here to complete the integration.

Audit Trail
Your Audit Trail keeps track of all changes made to the tables in your database checked at the left, including the date and time of the change, who made the change, and the old and new values. You can run an Audit Trail report from the Reports menu to see all changes, by date.

Web Content
If you would like to require approval for web content records before they can be displayed online, you can check the checkbox on this screen and choose the User Role that can complete the approvals.

The two options on the Revenue tab refer to preferences for posting transactions. The Close out transaction posting dates option can be useful if you are integrated with Quickbooks or Dynamics, as it allows you to set a cut-off date that prevents any transaction prior to a certain date from being posted.

HTML Templates
HTML Templates can be populated into the Mass Communicator (or any HTML field in MC Trade).

Email Providers
MC Trade integrates with the email providers Constant Contact and Exact Target. If you have an account with one of these providers, you can enter your credentials here to complete the integration.

Online Payments
This tab contains settings for your online Credit Card payments. In particular, you can set the default Payment Type that should be used to apply payment records in MC Trade when a Credit Card is processed online.

3. Once you have made changes to any of the settings listed above, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the screen.



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