Event Settings: General Settings

The General Settings section of your Event Settings includes basic event information like date, time, location, and descriptions. 

The Name, Start Date and Time, and End Date and Time are generated when you create the event. You can click in any of these fields to change the information. 

The Event Image will be displayed on your event web page, and can be included in your Confirmation Emails. Click the Search icon to open the selector, which will display a list of all existing, available event images in your system. You can click the dropdown that says "All Images" to limit to only Web Content images, Web Server images (which include images you've uploaded to previous events), or to upload a new image from your computer.

Select an Event Type and Calendar Type for the event. These will be displayed/used on your online event calendar to filter to the event/calendar type you select. They are also used by your website visitors to search for a particular type of event.

If desired, search for a Profile to populate the Venue and Address of the event. You can also manually enter the Venue and Address without selecting a profile. (Note: using a Profile for the venue ensures that if the profiles moves locations, then so would the event)

Enter the Event Directions - this will appear on the Directions part of the event web page your website visitors will see.

Enter an Event Email - this will be used as the default email address used when someone requests information about the event from your website.

Enter a Short Description - this will be used for any social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, etc, that you enable). It will also appear in the description for the calendar event, if a registrant uses one of the "add to calendar" links in the event confirmation message. 

Enter a Long Description - this will be used as the full event description on the event web Page on your website.

After you have entered/edited your General Settings, be sure to click Save at the top of the page to save your changes. Click here to move on to configuring your Event Items.

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